Chick to Pigeon

A pigeon just over a month old eating nut residues

My landlord and I came to an agreement that the pigeons would stay on my balcony until their chicks (squabs) have grown up and can follow their parents to a more natural landscape. I expected things to advance without drama, but the situation has been quite an emotional ordeal for me.

It started back in June when I tried to find a cleaning company to clean the balcony. It seemed that none of the cleaning companies were willing to clean the balcony at a reasonable price. Most of the cleaning companies do neat home and office cleaning, that is, they keep places tidy by cleaning clean spaces. Fortunately, a friend from the countryside came to visit me and did the job for half the price the cleaning companies would have charged.

Another thing was to find help when I wanted to protect my balcony so that feathers and dust would mostly stay on my balcony. I think it’s better to have the mess concentrated on my balcony. It’s also why it’s best that I take care of the feeding of the pigeons, so they don’t have to wander around and dig in the plantings looking for food. My flowers they ate long ago.

Chicks grow faster the better their parents eat. Pigeons do not feed their chicks larvae and worms like other birds, but feed them partially digested food by regurgitating crop milk out of their food pouches.

3D Attitude to Life

My network of helpers was unanimous: “We don’t help to care for pigeons”, “hanging up a curtain to cover the balcony is too dangerous”, “pigeon poo is a health hazard” etc, etc. I heard rules and regulations as to why my helpers could not help me. It occurred to me that this is exactly what an ‘attitude disability’ is, limiting people’s lives perhaps even more than physical disabilities.

One of my assistants was of the opinion that the nests and eggs had to be disposed of, and she did not understand that I wanted to act in a way that made my own position more difficult. “You’ll never get rid of them,” she said. Of course, she could not help me because I did not do what she wanted. Nevertheless, pigeons have as much right to exist as people, cats and dogs, whose droppings I have sometimes washed off the tires of my wheelchair.

How many people are prepared to have a forced abortion? That is what destroying the eggs would have meant in practice. “But pigeons are not people!” many people will probably think. Nevertheless we live in the same energy field, which operates on the principle of equality for all living beings. Our own energy attracts similar energies. This is reflected, for example, in the fact that forced abortion has also been proposed for human beings. Some people think that having and raising children is the privilege of the rich, in other words: of those who can afford to support their families.

Pigeons do not spread disease any more than other animals and their poo is not poisonous. The droppings of any living being are not even a major health risk when dry. Chicken poo pellets are on sale in the shop and when we go shopping we pack them in a food bag without worry. Excrement is a health hazard when it comes into contact with water (liquid).

I thought of Florence Nightingale, who was the initiator of modern nursing before the established rules of hygiene. Most of today’s germaphobic nurses would not even do the basic work that Florence Nightingale did. Rules and regulations determine our lives to such an extent that it inhibits the use of common sense. How many of my assistants understood that my requests were not about taking care of the pigeons, but about helping me to get control of a chaotic situation?

Light in Sight

The manager of the intermediary company that has provided assistants for me this summer came to me to make sure that I understood the meaning of all the rules and regulations and that it was not a question of negative attitudes and that my assistants did not want to help me. The fact is, however, that it is up to each person to decide how much to allow themselves to be restricted by various rules and regulations and to use common sense. What does this reflect other than the fact that people have different attitudes to rules and regulations? In practice this has the effect of making them helpful or unwilling to help me.

I expected the manager to present a concrete solution to the stuck situation, rather than age-old jargon of rules and regulations. He asked me where I wanted to hang the curtain. “This sounds promising,” I thought. When I presented my idea to him he said he would hang it in such a way that there would be no danger. And so he did. After a while, the balcony was protected by a forest-themed curtain.

Once the balcony was protected the matriarchs (and patriarchs) of the pigeon community seemed to make a unanimous decision that this is our nursery. The young pigeons were chased away when they came onto the balcony or tried to reach the food bowl. Just like in nature, parent birds stop feeding their chicks to get them to leave the nest.

But even the strongest matriarchs can do nothing when a flock of hungry juvenile pigeons pounces on the food bowl. They jumped on my lap and tried to hang on to the food bowl before I could put it down. After a while, the pigeons seemed to come to an agreement that the young pigeons could visit the balcony to eat, but once they had eaten they would disappear on their own.

We are Beings of Light

Several years ago I read about a study on the behaviour of pigeons. The researchers concluded from their findings that pigeons can read human facial expressions and thus know who is hostile and who is cordial. In my opinion, this conclusion is already flawed by the fact that people can pretend to have different emotions, regardless of what their real emotions are. Researchers themselves do this: first, some of the researchers treated pigeons with hostility, driving them away. Later, when the same persons tried to lure the pigeons in and offer them food, the pigeons continued to see them as hostile. From this, the researchers concluded that pigeons ‘remember’ faces and are not misled.

I have been watching the birds on my balcony for years. I have blinds on my window and sometimes I close them and leave a small gap between the blinds. The birds seem to know I’m behind the curtain, even though they can’t see me. I think it is obvious that birds see the human light body, in other words, they see us as light beings. The light body is a manifestation of our astral body. Some people and animals have the ability to sense or see the aura of our astral body, which shows the condition of the energy centres of our body. In that way the aura reflects our physical and mental state.

People cannot consciously influence the astral body. People with sensitive antennae and the ability to interpret energies tend to feel uncomfortable and uneasy around inauthentic people. Thus, dishonest people will reveal themselves sooner or later. The spiritual guides of our galactic family tell us that it is useless for people to try to fool them by pretending to be something they are not. It is based on just this: those living at a higher level of consciousness are masters at interpreting vibrations of energies.

We do everyone a great service when we ask the higher powers for help in times of trouble and at other times also, and we are grateful when things go smoothly. It’s as simple as this: all we need to do is believe and trust that all life-sustaining forces are on our side when we ask for guidance.