Faith isn’t about asking God to stop the storm.
Faith is trusting God to help you through the storm.

Be your own Savior

In early childhood, before our family broke up, when my mother was trying her best to keep the house up and tidy, I asked myself why she was always so angry when she (we) cleaned the house. Most of the time she exuded motherly love and warmth, and anger didn’t fit the pattern at all.

Several years ago I found out that my mother had been diagnosed with cancer, which of course she never told her children about. Now that I myself am trying to cope with my own challenges with various frailties, I understand where this ‘anger’ comes from: sometimes I feel so weak that I can’t even say what I want. When I was younger, this wasn’t a problem because I could do (almost) everything myself. Now that I’m older, and my physical capacity is even more limited, I have to generate in my body an adrenaline rush when things get tough, which temporarily boosts my performance. In practice, this is concentration of energy.

Thanks to the adrenaline rush, I can at least blurt out what I want to say. It sounds rude and angry. However, ‘rude’ and ‘angry’ are already external interpretation, because they are not my feelings. Once the situation is over, things go usually as smoothly as usual. Unless the assistant, nurse, home carer or whoever I am dealing with at the time is listening to messages of their own ego, which puts pressure on the situation.

This self-generated adrenaline boost (energy concentration) occurs unconsciously and is part of the body’s chemistry. Most people are not even aware of what is happening in their body. However, many people are aware that things fight, not people. Problems arise when a person, or those close to them, start interpreting things in the outside world in such a way that everything seems logical to the ego. For example, that you are really angry and disgusted with everything and that your friends, assistants and associates are incorrigible idiots and minions of the devil. Or that someone labels your messages as ‘hate speech’ based on the perceptions of their ego.

Everyone expects their friends and associates to act with common sense in all situations. People who want to get a lot done are very impatient when expectations and the real world don’t meet. In these situations, however, we should remember that every soul has its own path to follow. All people, regardless of their ability and the challenges they face, can rely only on their own heart in situations, when there is no-one around.

Be Attentive to What You Hear

Spiritual teachers of our galactic family often remind us that we need to be careful about what we hear and what energies we expose ourselves to. People often think that we should seek only the ‘good’ energies and exclude from our lives anything we consider negative. However, it is not as simple as that.

We have to remember that in a 3D world, every human being is also affected by the ego mind, no matter how much we try to raise our energies. How can we be sure that what we hear and believe to be the truth is a message that our intuitive heart agrees with? After all, it may also be the ego mind’s interpretation of what has reached our ears, based on the limited ego’s ability to perceive.

It is therefore not at all relevant to the whole to which external energies we expose ourselves. Rather, negative energies contribute to the evolution of the soul by offering us lessons. Everything is in our own power and strength. We can turn negative into positive and positive into negative depending on the situation.

Criticism and Logic

Some people see criticism as judgement. Sad cases are those who hate sports and crafts, for example, all their lives because they got bad grades in these subjects as children and think they are not equipped for this kind of activity.

When I was at school I felt I didn’t have mathematical talent at all, but since then I’ve realised that maths didn’t interest me at the time. In my early youth, when knitting knitwear, I used to calculate in my head, without any problems, how many stitches I had to increase or decrease to get the desired shape of the knitwear.
In the 1980s I learnt in a people’s college that the development of computers started from such a simple need. Computing was (originally) based on Boolean algebra, and its development was largely pioneered by women weaving wall gobelins for castles. In the 1970s, weaving machines used punch card technology.

I am not familiar with Boolean algebra, but it is based on the simplest true-false-positive-negative logic. Even in the Bible, Jesus says: ” All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” (Matthew 5:37) Later, the 0 – 1 binary system continued the same black and white logic on which programming languages are based. When I started my linguistics studies, I learned that linguists use the same simple logic to determine the meanings and contexts of words.

This simple logic is the basis of artificial intelligence. The same logic underpins all judgement. Problems arise when we each have the power to decide our own values, motives and goals. We generally want to achieve the best possible outcome, but we also have the power to decide what we focus on and what is the ‘best possible outcome’ in our situation.

For my degree in translation, I had to write a seminar paper on translation. For this, I had to analyse a book in German and evaluate how successfully the translator had translated the work. When I handed it in to my teacher, she was very disappointed. I usually dealt with the topics of the seminar papers in depth and received even excellent marks. She said I could do much better. “I could,” I replied, “but I have so many other things on my plate at the moment that I don’t want to waste any more time on this.” “I can give this the lowest pass mark, but no more,” my teacher said. “You grade how you grade,” I replied. “Pass is fine in this situation,” I said.

Criticism – Essential Part of Creation in the 3D World

Our teachers in the higher consciousness don’t understand the tendency of people to criticise each other. As I said, many people also see criticism as judgement. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some people think that people and beings of light in higher consciousness have no right to interfere in 3D-people’s lives, let alone teach us. Especially since some of these light beings, such as Archangel Michael, have never incarnated into a human body (although he is able to appear in human form).

However, we know that a compassionate person/being is fully capable of putting themselves in the shoes of another. You don’t have to experience rape personally to know how traumatic an experience it is. You don’t have to have children to form an idea of good parenting.

All perspectives help us to see our position in the bigger picture and improve our performance. Successful companies take every opportunity to solicit feedback, criticism and even direct suggestions for improvement from customers. Criticism is the foundation of all product development in a dualistic world where people strive to operate within the boundaries of human understanding. All development and creation is subordinate to the development of the 3D consciousness of the ego.

This is the most obvious difference between 3D consciousness and 5D consciousness. Those living in 5D consciousness do not need to constantly separate the grains from the chaff, but universal truths are intuitively self-evident. In Lemurian times, man was more a spirit being living on a higher level of consciousness than a material body attached to the material world. The fall of man occurred in that these spirit beings began to project themselves into material bodies and could no longer get out. Gradually they also lost their innate abilities.

Mankind is still living in the trap we fell into at the beginning of time. Rules of conciliation and regulations define our lives more than our intuitive hearts and universal truth. Scientists want tangible, visual (sensory) evidence of everything, even though we know that the human sensory world can perceive a minimal part of what is happening around us. By demanding visual evidence, we lock ourselves into an illusory bubble of the five senses.

Some years ago I heard a good analogy from Abraham Hicks: Esther was driving in a car with Jerry from place A to place B. The car’s navigator pointed them in the wrong direction. Esther wanted to go back the way she had driven to see at what point the navigator had made a mistake. They both knew the correct route, so Jerry suggested they simply let their inner knowledge guide them.

When we talk about angels and spirits, people have an association with religions and dogmas. However, angels and spirits have existed long before the emergence of secular religions. World religions, such as Economics, are just another political means by which humanity has been kept under control by negative entities.

Human spiritual growth refers to the expansion of ego consciousness, the ability to rise above time and place. Spirituality is also the capacity for abstract thought. All human beings have the capacity for abstract thinking. For scientists in particular, abstract concepts are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in the perception of wholes. All humans who have incarnated on Earth at this time have come to help humanity ascend to 5D consciousness, where man is intuitively guided by universal truth.