For this blog, I have collected various material from the internet related to the world situation and drawn my own conclusions. But I have never decided in my mind that this is the way things have to be. The material does not necessarily reflect my own views on the issues. I want to keep an open mind, just as criminal investigators are open to different lines of investigation and let the factual evidence guide them. The Bible calls people to be open, so that no one will act against God.

Jesus called us to be “as wise as serpents”. It is clear that we cannot do this if we censor ourselves. That’s why, for example, I don’t start classifying different symbols as signs of the devil, Satan, and others as manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Symbols have no power unless we give them power in our own minds.

Different kind of devices and technologies can be used for good or bad purposes. A smartphone can steal our attention unnecessarily, if we let it happen. But it is also connected to the intellectual energy field in which we live. The numbers it shows me speak their own language: 7:07 – 8:08 – 9:09, 11:11, 23:32, 21:12, 3:33, 01:23, 13:31, 5:55. It is also my connection to nature: One of the most endearing and sweetest things I’ve seen from my phone is a great tit (the bird) getting dressed in its nightgown before going to sleep.

We must put on the whole armour of God to “resist the devil’s plots”. We have to get to the heart of evil to even know what’s going on. Donald Trump said in an interview that one of his rules of life is to keep friends close and enemies even closer. This should be everyone’s rule of life. Jesus says: “Do not resist an evil person.” If someone “slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also” and “love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you”. (Matthew 5:39 and 5:44)

For many (especially Jews), such an attitude is a sign of weakness. They think that if you do not resist violence with violence, you will be subjected to even worse abuse. In such situations, however, we should remember that what doesn’t kill, strengthens. Strengthening is spiritual growth. Each individual’s spiritual growth affects our collective consciousness. Spiritual growth means the expansion of ego awareness, whereby individuals get in touch with the intuitive mind, which is the divine side of human beings.

Internal Reality and Truth

The awareness of the ego and the intuitive mind of the heart are seamlessly connected. Ego awareness helps us grow spiritually as it makes observations of our inner and outer world. Our new spiritual insights shape our behaviour and our influence in the outside world, which gives rise to new insights, which further shape our behaviour. However, ego awareness and the its subconscious mind are not the only things that influence our lives. Inner reality and inner truth are different things. Internal reality is at worst an ego bubble that has nothing to do with the truth.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways of shutting down the ego awareness and the inner dialogue that we are constantly having in our minds. When we clear our minds we get in touch with our intuitive mind in the same way as when we reset an electrical appliance it starts working according to its original program. This is common sense. However, many people who call themselves Christians consider meditation to be one of the Devil’s deceptions. Jesus did not speak directly about meditation, but He told us to shut ourselves in our chambers and pray from our hearts in silence with quiet sighs. God hears our prayers when we are sincere, and act on the guidance of our heart, or intuitive mind.

In February 2020 I wrote in my text “I Create My Own Reality I” about my experiences in hospital; about examinations, the cancer diagnosis and my thoughts about them. I particularly remember the situation when I came home from the hospital and I was dead tired from the substances that had been injected and infused into my system during the medical procedures. I didn’t have strength to do anything. So I immersed myself in healing music and meditated all weekend. On Sunday evening my thighs and upper body were completely red and I had the feeling that during the meditation my body had eliminated the contaminants in an accelerated process.

A month earlier, I had subscribed to Donald Duck, the Duckburg news magazine, which covers the most important events in the world. Excited about the effects of meditation, I jokingly asked myself when can I see Donald Duck meditating. Less than three months later, a Donald Duck fell through my letterbox, whose cover I have attached to the beginning of this text.


The creative power of our minds and bodies and their ability to maintain balance is incredible. Our body is a biosphere of tens of trillions of cells that are intelligent beings. They have the ability to maintain the balance of the body when they are connected to source energy. That is why it is very important that people train their ego to listen to the deepest layers of the body. Some meditation teachers compare the human mind to the ocean; the surface of the ocean with its waves and storms represents the ego. In the depth of the sea (mind), however, the movement of the waves (ego effect) is not felt, regardless of the strength of the waves.

In March 2014, I wrote in my text “Emotional Intelligence in Function” about my amazing experiences in the early 1980s, when I was assured that everything was fine in my body. I have been going over the events in my mind and I remember now that the impetus for my experiences came from my first exposure to the material on Transcendental Meditation.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had even established a school in the United States to teach TM meditation technique. I was very excited about his teachings and thought I had to learn how to meditate. I even went to the TM Association in Helsinki to get a personal mantra to help me go deeper into myself.

My enthusiasm was cut short when I was strictly forbidden in my foster home to get involved in a deception like meditation. I disagreed completely, but I didn’t think the disagreement was worth arguing about. I didn’t really know if meditation was useful. To get some experience, I tried to use my intuition to get the same results I had read about. No one could stop me from immersing into myself.

Church of Christ

In Finnish there is a saying “Big fish spawn in still waters”. It means that people who get a lot done don’t make a big noise about themselves and what they do. They don’t need to seek approval from outside themselves. They trust in their judgment and express their inner reality and peace with their whole being.

That is what we should all strive for: Trust ourselves and each other’s judgement. In a global information war, the truth is accessible to all, despite censorship. Only self-censorship can prevent the truth from coming out. Next time you accuse others of spreading fake news and conspiracy theories and demand others to prove their claims remember that none of us are here to teach or convert others. The only thing we can do is to be honest about our inner reality. Others will understand, if they are there to understand.

Archbishop Vigano speaks in a video that the Church of Jesus Christ is under serious attack. Some even say that things have progressed to the point where man’s essence as an eternal being is in danger. However, it must be remembered that as a result of human activity, energy/matter only changes its form. No one can destroy the source energy, which is our fundamental essence.

For Archbishop Vigano, the Church of Christ is the Catholic Church, headquartered in the Vatican. But the true church of Christ is in our hearts, and no power in this world can resist it; the weaker the ego influence, the more powerfully God works in our lives. Jesus says: “Whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.” (Matthew 20:26)

The Infinite Source of Life

China is considered the most totalitarian country in the world and it is said that the pinnacle of its dictatorship is the social credit system, which monitors its citizens’ actions 24/7. This is seen as a clear indication that China wants to ‘own’ its citizens and tell them what they can and cannot do.

It is not that simple. My own observations are that China does not want to own its citizens in the sense of trying to control their creative power. How do I know this? In the fact that China seems to be the only superpower in the world that does not censor my site. In past years, visitors to this site have been mainly from the United States. There have also been many visitors from Germany, the Soviet Union and the EU.

This year, visitors have been mostly from China, while traffic from elsewhere has almost stopped. During the spring and summer, there were days when only Chinese texts were read. Google Analytics sometimes reported that my site had received some 300 visitors in the previous month. However, CloudFlare showed that there were more than 8,000 visitors. But CloudFlare had registered most of the visitors as American. According to the site’s own count, the majority of visitors were from China.

God knows how reliable online visitor counters are. However, I myself have drawn conclusions about what those in power want us to know and what they don’t. The main theme of this website is spiritual growth and I hope that my own experiences will also help others to activate their inner potential. In the Western world in particular, there seems to be a tendency to suppress the spread of this kind of information. Perhaps it is because of the understanding of those in power that if people let their inner navigator guide them, they would not be so easily manipulated to implement questionable political agendas.

There are only two kinds of people in the world; those who want to control others and enslave others to achieve their own ends, and those who want to serve others and help people grow into the best version of themselves. I think most people fall into this second category. There are also two types of dictatorships: In some of them citizens are subject to arbitrary subjugation and enslavement. In others, the state and its leaders are aware of their responsibilities as servants of the people and have assumed a strong leadership role. They want to ensure a good environment for all and will not tolerate elements that rot society. I believe that China falls into this category.

Several years ago, I watched a presentation in which former World Bank President James Wolfensohn talks about the global shift in socio-economic power. According to projections of that time, developing countries and the world’s least well-off will increasingly share in the world’s wealth. James Wolfensohn lamented the fact that the productive industry, technological superiority and much of the output of services of the West have been transferred to the developing world, leaving the West with nothing to sustain life.

This is what it looks like if you think that well-being and life-sustaining things are in the material world and wealth. But citizens are every country’s most valuable asset/capital. People are an inexhaustible natural resource with unlimited creative power. For our own success, it is vital that our creative power is allowed to develop freely on its own terms in a peaceful social environment.

Archbishop Vigano says that the real Great Reset is when people find their way to God, that is, find the divine side of themselves. During the current lockdowns, people have an excellent opportunity to make a quantum leap into their hearts.

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