The conceptual distinction between the immaterial and material worlds, between spiritual reality and the reality of the ego, is undeveloped because our spiritual evolution is still in its infancy. When we talk about spiritual growth it refers to the mental, psychic side of our physical being and the expansion of the mental capacity of the ego. The intuitive, enlightened mind (consciousness) of the heart, which is our true self, is perfect in itself. Spiritual growth reflects how close we have come to our true selves.

In German, and certainly in many other languages, the ego’s awareness and the intuitive mind, consciousness, are expressed by one word and are often used synonymously. The spiritual world (intuition, common sense, Holy Spirit) and the physical, material world (ego, psyche) are two completely different things, although there is a seamless connection between them.

Consciousness is a spiritual quality, which is the intuitive, enlightened mind of the heart. Awareness is ego’s perception and relates to our mind’s ability to perceive the inner and outer worlds. We are also talking about the subconscious, which is not consciousness in the spiritual sense. The subconscious is where all our questionable experiences and knowledge are dumped by our ego. The ego tends to hide under the rug all the things it doesn’t want to deal with. It wants to beautify its façade, in other words, to polish its shield.

People associate truth with knowledge and logic, because we see truth as factual truth and use common sense to process things in our minds. But thoughtful consciousness does not come from becoming aware of something, i.e. from knowing something. (I wrote about this in my July 2012 article “What is Consciousness?”) Yet almost every human being is looking for content in the outside world that would make him ‘conscious’, that would “feel at home” and could fill his heart.

The Roman philosopher Plotinus said in 225 BC (before Jesus) that “The region of truth is not to be investigated as a thing external to us. It is within us.” Truth is our consciousness, the intuitive mind of our heart, our collective consciousness.

Disintegration of Awareness

People talk a lot about the Antichrist and the mark of the beast 666. They are associated with the occult, satan worship and malevolence. The concept of antichrist comes from the Greek word ΑΝΤΙΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (antichristos). For us, the meaning of the prefix anti is ‘to be against something’. In Greek, however, it has the meaning ‘instead of something’.

Jewish supremacy rests on people’s tendency to look in the outside world for opportunities to fill their own mental and spiritual void. In essence, it is not about being Jewish or non-Jewish, about nationalities, races, languages, (skin) colour, sexual orientation, religions, ideologies or anything else that we encounter in the outside world and that separates us from each other.

The suffering and misery of humanity is due to the fact that people do not listen to the enlightened mind of their hearts, but without further consideration seize any opportunity to enhance their own position. It is easy to manipulate ego’s awareness, the opportunistic mind. As long as people seek meaning in life outside themselves, they are willing servants of those in power.

The democratic ideal of freedom has worked very well as a tool for the divide-and-rule policy, because it has turned our attention to the outside world. It has fuelled discord among nations and given rise to dictatorships of minorities. It has degenerated people’s morals and accelerated the loss of the traditional values on which organised societies are built.

Like the elite that tyrannises nations, young people imagine themselves to have the highest knowledge. It is sad that today, young in particular are calling for organic food and products, naturalness and sustainable development in all things, but show in their actions that they hate humans.

Man is part of nature. The toxins we inject into our bodies end up in water and soil, and then in our food. The same happens with microplastic we weave into fabrics and artificial furs, the chemicals we mix into fertilisers, etc.

Management by Perkele

People can make themselves believe anything and this weakness is exploited by the rulers of the world. In practice, this is most evident in the current coronavirus fearmongering when people are forced to inject poison jabs in their system. A few years ago, those in power and their lackeys were unanimous in saying that fear must not be given power.

Now a large number of people cause their own demise when no amount of reasoning can make them critically examine the link between the corona “vaccines” and sudden deaths, miscarriages, heart attacks, blood clots, neurological ailments, etc. They just fear what might happen, if they refuse the poison jab.

Apart from the fact that people more or less voluntarily shape their beliefs, those in power have an endless arsenal of means to manipulate people to act in the way they want. For those in power, governing is a psychological game: some try to achieve their goals through an authoritarian management style (management by perkele), i.e. they put their trust entirely in their own judgement, implement their ideas with all their brain farts, dismiss objections without any consideration and give orders to their subordinates. This involves arbitrary treatment and intimidation that is bullying of subordinates.

The straightforward message from the centre of power to the world is that the universal vaccine programs not only open the door for behavior control through gene modification and enhancement, but more importantly the vaccines are the most uniform and concerted psychological weapon ever devised to control human behaviour.

Those at the top of power are aware that any free and thinking person would reject and object to the covid vaccine. Yet they insist on mandatory vaccination and impose their own ideal of equality on people. They show they are more equal than others by exempting their inner circle from vaccination.

While the decision-makers with absolute power talk blatantly about the bioweapon they use to control humanity, they speak hypocritically about the responsibility they feel for the development of humanity. The ordinary citizen does not understand the burden that world leaders have taken on their shoulders. In their incomprehensible wisdom, they have come to the conclusion that there are too many people in the world and not enough resources on earth to sustain all human life. So they feel obliged to reduce the population of the Earth to match existing resources (i.e. their own preferences).

Just by looking at a map of the world, the average citizen can see that the planet has the potential to sustain life for all. Much of the Earth’s surface is ‘idle’, i.e. unused. Man has the technologies to turn even the Sahara Desert into an oasis. Why hasn’t this already happened?!

I believe that most of the world’s rulers are sincere in their aspirations. They are like parents who want nothing but the best for their offspring, but whose thinking is totally conditioned (brainwashed) by society, and they don’t see the big picture. They impose their own world view on their offspring at any cost, so they don’t actually know what is good.

Management by Perkele vs. Intuition

The Church of Our Lady_ruins vs rebuilt

Management by Perkele is originally a Swedish term referring to the Finnish management style, where decisions are made quickly and consensus is not sought in the same way as in the Swedish management style, where compromise is sought and negotiated. Autocratic leadership and consensual leadership based on democratic decision-making both have their pros and cons.

What matters in both cases is whether the decision-makers are influenced by their own ego or by the intuitive mind of the heart. Again, it is the same thing that has been said many times; there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who allow the enlightened mind of their heart to guide them and those who seek content in the outside world, whose worldview is egocentric and for whom self-aggrandisement is everything.

I believe that authoritarian, autocratic leadership is intuitive leadership to begin with. In it, leaders and those in power listen more to their hearts than to outside influences. This is impossible if the plans are egocentric from the start and decision-making is increasingly associated with big egos that emphasise and elevate themselves. Then autocratic, intuitive leadership becomes ‘management by perkele (curse, swear)’, where everyone argues with each other and whoever has the strongest will, wins.

I myself have wondered why those in power try to achieve their goals the hardest way, contrary to laws of nature. It is clear that equality is the ideal of humanity, although many people want to be more equal than others. Equality is not dictated by any ideology. Equality is an innate human quality. It is called compassion.

The enlightened heart of a compassionate man sees his neighbours as himself. It is not a question of pity or empathy, but of faith in the other’s understanding and ability to let their heart’s intuition and common sense guide their lives. In this respect, the growth potential of people and societies is limitless. Talk of insufficient resources is thought of limited and inhibited people.

In November 2013, I wrote in my essay Farsighted Development I about the merger between Supercell, a Finnish video game company, and Japanese IT companies, which generated €1.1 billion for the 130-person Finnish company, which had been operating for less than three years. Shortly before, the sale of Nokia, with 100 000 employees, generated a good €5 billion for its owners.

When you look at these figures, the difference is staggering. Ilkka Paananen, CEO of Supercell, suggested that good performance is in the company’s environment: the employees own the company and are therefore naturally committed to it. There are no real leaders, everyone is self-reliant and does what they do best. In a working community, everyone supports each other to become the best version of themselves.

This is management by intuition at its best and it achieves incomparably better results than traditional management styles. Nobody in this world is responsible for other people’s lives. The only responsibility we have is the responsibility for our own life: the responsibility to become our true self.

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