Fabricated Reality

Kabbalist Jews believe that perception is truth. From an introduction of a German-language communist manifesto I read the words: “Consciousness does not create reality, but reality creates consciousness.” (Es ist nicht das Bewusstsein, welches das Sein, es ist vielmehr das gesellschaftliche Sein, welches das Bewusstsein erzeugt.) This is where the concepts have taken a wild somersault.

In practice, this statement argues that our inner world – our beliefs, values and attitudes – do not shape the world around us, but that the outer world shapes our inner world. According to this view, man is merely a reactive being, reacting to events in the outside world, all based on the five senses.

This is how Jews want to see non-Jews, who are their cattle, goyim cattle. The Jews themselves are the forgers, inventors and shapers of reality. They believe that a lie becomes truth when it is repeated constantly. They think they can change the laws of nature themselves. So they have taken control of the mass media and the film and entertainment industry to shape perceptions.

One of the modern-day perception-makers is Israeli historian and visionary Yuval Noah Harari, who suggests that the most important human quality is the ability to create plausible stories and make everyone believe them.

An extreme example of a reality-maker is Herman Rosenblat, an “eyewitness” to the Holocaust who wrote a book about his suffering in a concentration camp. He wrote a romantic story about a Jewish boy languishing in a concentration camp. He said he owed part of his life to an elusive girl outside the barbed wire fence who, day after day, risked her life by approaching the camp to throw apples at him. He said he only found out her name more than ten years later, when he was on a blind date in America.

His date, Roma Radzicki, was also a Jewish survivor of persecution. In Rosenblat’s book, Roma mentioned on the date that she threw fruit to a Jewish boy who had been interned in Schlieben, a subcamp in Buchenwald, Germany. Rosenblat announced that he was that boy and immediately proposed to his companion.

Rosenblat first wrote his story for a newspaper writing competition and was awarded a publishing and film contract and appearances on Oprah Winfrey in 1996 and 2007. Thousands, if not millions, of people heard their story before scientists began to doubt it and before Rosenblat admitted that the central character in the story – his apple-bringing rescue angel – was a figment of his imagination. When asked in an interview about the contradictions in his story, he said: “It wasn’t true, but in my imagination, in my mind, I believed it was true.”

This seems as innocent as children’s imaginative play. A few days ago I watched the documentary “Misha and the Wolves”, which helped me to see these fabricated Holocaust stories from a completely different perspective. The documentary tells the story of a years-long legal battle, the cause of which was as innocent as Rosenblat’s Holocaust-survival story: Misha Defonseca, a Belgian Jewish woman, told a story in the synagogue that as a child she had walked from Belgium to Germany and Poland in search of her parents and was looked after by wolves.

In 1997, a book was published about the story, setting off an incredible chain of events that completely destroyed the life of the book’s original publisher. The book was also made into a film, which was said to be based on real events.

On the Trail of Truth

The book’s original publisher, whose life had been completely destroyed, spontaneously began to go through her situation in order to put her life back together. Her research began from the moment she heard the story in the synagogue and decided to ask Misha to write a book about her experiences.

She wrote a blog about it all and got in touch with a person who said she could help clear it up. They had a contact in Belgium who had access to wartime registers. After years of research, the contact person found Misha Defonseca’s birth certificate and school records. They revealed that Misha was a Catholic Christian and had attended school in Brussels during the war like any other school-age girl.

When it turned out that the story was a fabrication, it was dismissed with a shrug like the Rosenblat story. Misha Defonseca defended her actions with words: “A book is a story, it’s my story. It’s not the real reality, it’s my reality. Sometimes I find it difficult to separate reality from my own inner world.”

Holocaust Industry

Watching the documentary “Misha and the Wolves”, I was struck by the fact that it seemed to be acted from start to finish. It seemed to me that the original storyteller and the later story-teller, who travelled in Europe and around the world, were two different persons. The documentary is a prime example of the highly profitable Holocaust industry.

The original narrator of the story did not even want to write a book about her experiences at the beginning. When the story went public, people smelled money. The life of the book’s original publisher was destroyed and bigger players stepped in. The story began to take on a life of its own: It created a false reality (illusion) that gullible fools believed in. In practice, this is just another way of making money by creating bubbles.

This is the worst of the Holocaust industry. “Misha and the Wolves” is just the tip of the iceberg. God knows how many lives have been destroyed simply because people have done impartial research into the Second World War and the Holocaust myth. The denial of the truth is not just about the Second World War and the Holocaust myth, but about sciences such as archaeology, physics, medicine, economics, etc.

Jewish Supremacy

Everything that has happened in the last few centuries has been to achieve Jewish goals. The establishment of the Illuminati, Zionism and Communism, Freemasonry, the infiltration of the Catholic Church by Jews, the establishment of the Rothschild banking dynasty and the international banking cartel, the Communist revolutions in other words the destruction of nation states around the world, the spread of the Holocaust myth as a form of psychological warfare, the creation of the Fabian Society and Antifa, feminism, the takeover of the media, education and entertainment industries, the climate change agenda, LGBTQ sexuality, etc.

Jewish supremacy is very evident in the mere fact that the Jews practically own everything and control everything. More than 70% of the most important positions in the American Senate are held by Jews, even though they represent only 2% of the country’s population. They openly declare their loyalty to Israel. Much of the world’s wealthiest 1%, who control the world’s wealth, are Jews, even though only 0.02% of the world’s population is Jewish. Yet people only talk about white supremacy.

In the 1990s, it was said that there were 30 000 lobbyists in Brussels. At the time I thought it was a good thing, because I thought it showed that democracy was working. The European Union still seemed to have a genuine desire to improve the lives of EU citizens. In the early 1990s, the Soviet Union collapsed and the Jewish oligarchs looked to the wider world for new collaborators and ways to advance the Jewish cause. In the EU, this was reflected in calls for the abolition of social programmes that improve the quality of life of citizens.

In the EU, politicians do not seem to be as open about the Jewish cause as in the US. However, several years ago I saw a video of Angela Merkel, during her visit to Israel, emphasising in her speech Germany’s loyalty to Israel.

Many Western highly educated, devout Christian people defend the Jews with their life and blood. They see Jewish supremacy as proof that they are indeed God’s chosen people. Many Christians are completely blind to the Jewish communist attempts and world conquest and the holocausts they have caused around the world, in which hundreds of millions – if not billions – of people died. They refuse to even consider that the original Judaism was totally corrupted in Khazar-Eurasia and other phallus cult cultures.

For the Zionists, Bible prophecies have been a blueprint to deceive gullible fools. People have wanted to believe that the Bible is the word of God and that everything has happened according to God’s will. However, the Zionists have been helping things along in the background and have, with their problem-reaction-solution policy, been leading people around like sheep on a leash.

In history books, the Second World War is limited to the alleged Holocaust in National Socialist Germany and the supposed 6 million Jews who died. It’s as if the whole war was fought for the Jews. Which, on the other hand, is true. The Second World War was a war between the Zionist bankers and the Zionist Jews who controlled the Allied governments and media against the white race and the infidel (peace-loving) Jews.

There are many kind of Jews, just as religions tend to divide into different sects. The Zionists (fascist Jews) waged war against the assimilated Jews as bitterly as they did against white non-Jews. According to Wikipedia, Ariel Sharon’s Jewish parents emigrated from Belarus to Israel in 1922 because of the Jewish persecution by the Soviet Communist regime (mostly Jews).

The Zionists denounced Jews to the Gestapo. George Soros, among others, made his fortune in this way during the war. Several years ago, I saw an interview on YouTube where Soros himself talked about this. He saw nothing wrong with his deceit, because “someone else would have done it anyway”.

If I had to find something positive about this I would say it is that Jews are open about what they do. The original Fabian Society logo features a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, (interviewed by Walter White in his book “The Hidden Tyranny”) bitterly criticized the hypocrisy of Christians who hide their sins by dressing up in sheep’s clothing. He said: “It is only the jerks, the ignorant and misinformed and degenerates who can find peace in your society.”

This has become very obvious during the Covid-19 psychological warfare (Plandemic). The Christian West has completely failed to deal with the crisis, the clearest example being Australia, which has set up concentration camps (“quarantine camps”) to silence the disobedient, “domestic terrorists” who use common sense. The ‘obedient’ citizens, acting as the government’s minions, carry out any order without giving the slightest thought to the consequences of their actions.

The philosopher Plotinus (204-270 BC) said that “Bad men rule by the feebleness of the ruled; and this is just; the triumph of weaklings would not be just.” The Bible compares the plots of wicked people to a spider’s web (Isaiah 59:4-6). In the face of the truth, they become exposed as clearly as a spiderweb in the morning dew. They will collapse in the face of the truth as surely as a house of cards collapses with a flick of the wrist. When the falsehood of Misha Defonseca’s story became obvious, the bubble built around the story, which was rotting society, burst.

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