The best thing my mother supplied me with was the feeling that when I had a measuring tape, a chalk and a fabric I could do with them whatever I wanted to. One of my first memories from my new home was, that I asked my craft teacher to help me sew a new winter coat.

I bought a bright red fabric, my teacher found a nice model and I soon had a new winter coat.

It didn’t even occur to me that other pupils didn’t have the same feeling than I had. Someone said to me that I should not think only about myself: There was also other people, who needed a new coat.
“Why should I sew a coat for others, when they can do it themselves”,
I wondered.

One purpose of this blog is to deliver this feeling of omnipotence to people, which I have fostered since childhood.
The video showing the life cycle of a butterfly describes well the intention of this site: It is to raise new thinking models, so that we can get rid of old karma in order to get new clothing.

A butterfly undergoes tremendous changes during its short lifetime. However it absolutely trusts its inner navigation. That is what we should do also.

The connoisseur of human nature, Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about this thing in his presentation ‘The Wisdom of Tao Te Ching’ (Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality).

He says that parents should trust that every child has the anchor of the Universe located within them. They should trust that their children can solve their problems themselves in order to be happy and get forward in life.

Parents often think that they should guide their children to do the right things. But life is not about right or wrong. It is about different solutions for different situations, and each one of us should always choose a solution that suits best in our own situation, so that we maintain balance.
Every one of us knows best in our heart, what feels good.

Wayne Dyer talks about the same thing from slightly another perspective in his presentation ‘How to Be a No-Limit Person’ when he says that people with real freedom live their lives on ethics rather than according to the rules of society.

[blockquote align=”right”]The more rules you make, the more rule breakers you create.

Tao Te Jing[/blockquote]

It is weird that in our societies, which follow the rule of law, we try to create for animals and plants as natural living conditions as possible, so that they can follow their nature. And when it comes to human beings, people are just making rules and norms, how other people should behave and live their lives.
But Laozi says in Tao Te Jing: The more rules you make, the more rule breakers you create.

Theoretically, the starting point in rule of law is that people are not guilty until they are proven to be guilty. However, the systems of our societies are built in a way that everyone has to prove his innocence in order to get forward in any way. The thought that human being is bad by nature is perverted, because people are as much part of nature as animals and plants are. Nature has only one intention: sustain life.

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