The conception of quantum physics that the consciousness of the Universe is our collective mind makes many things understandable, which we cannot understand with traditional thinking models. When we see the brain and DNA as a receiver, which is connected to our collective mind, it becomes more tangible, why we often have a feeling that animals read our thoughts, why some people seem to become everything for nothing (with no effort), what makes remote viewing possible or how could great composers in history load whole symphonies in their minds.

David Wilcock, who has studied the effects of hypnosis in people and completely different ways of people to see the world around them talks about his discoveries in his presentation Source Field Investigations.

He suggests that this state we consider as normal is some kind of trance. Our beliefs and perceptions and everything we consider normal is only an illusion, which closes us into a bubble, which prevents us from experiencing that what is natural to us.

In last ten years mental health problems in Finland have multiplied. Every tenth child is considered to be in need of psychiatric help. The scope of the problem is so large that it is considered a national disease. People try to find causes for the problem in the society like we are searching causes for the climate change in human actions.

But the increase of mental health problems is a worldwide phenomenon. Besides some minor mental problems doctors diagnose inter alia ADHD cases, autism and asperger-syndrome.

We try to make all fit in our narrow-minded world view and in our conception of normal and when the cases don’t conform to our norms they are seen as dysfunctions.

Science tells us that the energy of the Universe spreads in torus form.
It means that everything that is emerging in the terrestrial globe is a self-regulating package of wholeness, which works in its own torus-field. (Thrive 0:09:09-0:09:16)

Instead of studying how these different forms of being work as self organizing systems we try to fit them into our limited world view.

I don’t know about the doctrines of pedagogics, but I have a feeling that one of its basic principals is that if someone wants to help a person find himself and thrive, one must focus on that person’s strengths.
Why should children, who don’t match our norms be an exception to this guideline?

The fact that we cannot perceive their reality and world view and cannot see their strengths is rather our weakness than their deficiency. Maybe we could learn something about ourselves, if we could get a real connection to these “dysfunctional” people, because the borders our world view lead us to a dead end not only in relation with these so called dysfunctions. Even bigger challenge are the indigochildren (starchildren). From their perspective our norm reality seems to be primitive.

Mary Rodwell illustrates the new phase of human evolution in an exopolitics seminar held in Britain in August 2010. She talks about the subject in connection with the 1600 cases she has researched in the past 30 years. In new human’s, Homo Noeticus’ reality intuitive sense of connection with the consciousness of the Universe seem to be most important for the existence. In Mary Rodwell’s lecture I picked up following characteristics that are natural for Homo Noeticus:

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