On Friday, March 15, 2019, schoolchildren all around the world protested over climate change, calling politicians for action to prevent global warming, ie to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Many people were praising the responsible activities of children and young people to save the Globe. For me and many others the protests of schoolboys and girls were just an indication of how brainwashed and naive children and young people are.

Willingness to believe good about everything is a good thing when it is based on truth, mutual trust, sincerity and respect. Jesus said that we should become like children in order to enter into the kingdom of God. This means practically that we should be sincere in our faith and in our actions. However, Jesus did not encourage people to be naive, because trust in people who are not trustworthy, but use us to accomplish their own goals, does not bring us anything good. When Jesus sent his disciples to spread the message of love and heal the sick, he said: “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:16)

By saying this, Jesus practically urged people to separate the wheat from the chaff, ie to study the backgrounds and truthfulness of things. Nowadays, people in the spirit of time deny the truth and facts and believe in anything that benefits themselves the most. Some even claim that there is no absolute truth and that the only truth that matters is your own beliefs and choices. This is a totally unrealistic perception. There is one absolute, universal truth that applies to all people: everyone is born into this world as a free individual. Everything else can be traced back to this truth.

Freedom also applies to people born in societies, where freedom is suppressed. Social orders and man-made laws are temporary and collapse the sooner, the farther away from the truth they are, that means the desire to preserve citizens’ freedoms and maintain their well-being. The safest way to maintain your freedom and safeguard your well-being is to take care of the well-being of others and ensure that everyone has the freedom and resources to become the best version of themselves. This is based on common sense.

White Race and Western Lifestyle under Attack

In the last few decades, the lifestyle of Christian Westerners, and in particular the freedom cherished by democracies, are increasingly under attack. The clearest example of this is the restriction of freedom of expression, hate speech laws, and show trials that try to suppress the speakers of truth. We live in an Orwellian world of universal deceit and telling the truth has become a revolutionary act.

This is ancient divide and conquer -tactics. Power elite, whose purpose is to increase own power, try to get people to fight against each other and kill each other to make own conquest efforts as effective as possible. Therefore communication is very selective. The only thing that is released to the public is what those in power consider to advance their own political goals.

Last week, for example, there were screaming headlines in the mainstream media of an attack on the al-Noor mosque in Christchurch, where 50 Muslims died and 50 were injured. Although the perpetrator’s background is often kept in secret, it was now emphasized that he was an Australian man representing “white supremacy”. The mainstream media does not tell anything about al-Noor mosque’s terrorist connections, and we don’t see headlines about Islamist attacks on Christians and Jews, even though they kill thousands of people.

Climate change is almost in position of a religion, the ultimate purpose of which is to create separation between people. There is no scientific proof that people could prevent climate change. Every planet in our solar system is warming up and nobody knows the cause of warming.

However, we hear as little about this as about other alternative perspectives, because it does not advance the agenda of the power elite. Politics is led by ideologies, which ignore facts and the reality and problems are solved either by inventing double standards or by sweeping them under the carpet. Democracies, which should be cradles of equality, begin to treat people on different grounds. This is a totally unsustainable trend.

The Future of Children and Young People

For children and young persons it is difficult to find the truth, because they lack practical experience and a broader view, which is needed to analyze things. They are very straightforward and easily believe everything that is dictated from above. That’s why it is easy to manipulate them to believe anything. As an adult it is difficult to change own perceptions that one has adopted when young, even though there would be plenty of evidence that those perceptions are not truthful.

However, inexperience and ignorance of children and young people is not only a negative thing. It is also their strength over adults. This is simply because the less we have knowledge and ballast accumulated by the ego, the easier it is for us to get in touch with our internal navigator (intuition), which is the divine side in us, our true self.

Our success depends on how well we are able to balance the ego and the divine side of ourselves. In that equation, knowledge and experience have no meaning. Everything is based on common sense when it comes to our internal navigator, and it works in every individual, young and old, according to the same principles. Children, young people as well as adults, only need truthful information to be able to make the same, common sense conclusions about things.

I have attached in the end of this article links to four films (documentaries), which have most affected my own spiritual growth. Today they are as topical as when they were published ten years ago. They are true reality TV shows that are partly also extremely distressing. However, feelings of anxiety should not be pushed away. They are a clear indication that your inner being is determined to create a different kind of reality. You should rather be worried, if you do not feel anxious when you see shocking things: It tells how far you are alienated from your true self.

The Future of our Homeland

When I was young in the 1970s I was by no means politically active. However, I remember that rationalization of tasks, that means, increasing the efficiency of work flow was the catchword at that time. In today’s irrational world, where international propaganda machine is imposing people most insane operating models, rationalization and common sense would correct crumbling structures. We do not have to wait for climate deeds of politicians, because we can do the greatest climate deed ourselves: that is, we can focus on rationalizing our own actions and healing our own energy.

All people in the world deserve representatives who are focused on developing their homeland and safeguarding the well-being of their citizens. Representatives who listen to the voice of reason and make politics with common sense and big heart.


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