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Fabricated Reality versus Common Sense and Truth

Last spring, I read about an interview on a site where James Wickstrom, an American radio presenter, interviews Rabbi Abe Finkelstein on Judaism. Someone had made a word-for-word report of it. The interview was appalling and insane without parallel. When my own life is determined with common sense, it is difficult to imagine the intentional wickedness and destruction that Rabbi Finkelstein brings up in the interview. For the first time in my life, I thought seriously that maybe the Jews are indeed God’s chosen people. However, they are not the chosen ones in the sense that they imagine themselves to be. They reveal the wisdom of the world, which is an abomination to God. The most powerful message of the interview is the idea presented in Romans 1:22: “Though claiming to be wise, they became fools.”

I was quite surprised to find that interview on Youtube because the videos criticizing Jews disappear from Youtube pretty quickly. I thought that it has to be there for a reason, because it had kept its place since April 2017. The deeper I dug into the video, the stronger I felt that the interview was not so much about Jews and Zionists and their conspiracy against humanity, but about the non-Jewish white race that Finkelstein calls Goyim-cattle. They are Jewish (Zionist) underlings and errand boys (useful idiots), who are ready to act against the interests of their own countries and communities.

I read discussions about Rabbi Finkelstein and people said that he is a fictitious person. Many Jews say that all the prejudices of anti-Semitic people since the Middle Ages have been collected in that interview and it should not be taken seriously. However, if the facts of the interview are quite correct, as has been proven, how can you dismiss the interview with a shrug?

Israeli historian and visionary Yuval Noah Harari, who enjoys great popularity among Jews (Zionists), says that the most important attribute of man is imagination and his ability to invent credible stories and make other people believe in them. When Yuval Harari talks about imaginative, plausible stories, he is by no means talking about harmless white lies that people invent to save their skin in more or less trivial everyday disputes. He speaks of systematic misrepresentation of the truth in purpose of advancing one’s own goals. These include e.g. warmongering False-Flag provocations. So this is not about harmless storytelling but, at worst, outright terrorism.

The Jews (Zionists) want their own world, just as Islamists want to establish a caliphate in honor of Allah. I read from a source that this was the reason why the Jews (Zionists) killed Jesus: They wanted their own kingdom, but Jesus only had the kingdom of God to offer. Finkelstein boasts that the Jews (Zionists) can do what they want and they are not held accountable for their actions, because whites are cowards. Whites do not, and cannot, do anything to stop Zionist efforts to conquer the world. The Jewish (Zionist) books (Talmud) state that they will take over the world! The tale of the white race is over. That’s why Finkelstein speaks so openly about the Jewish agenda that everyone would face the facts as facts.

These efforts to conquer the world began in the days of Columbus. According to Finkelstein, Columbus was a Jew, who began to seek new places to live after the Jews (Zionists) had been kicked out from Spain in 1492. It is said that Columbus began colonialism and imperialism, which is still in practice. Today, imperialism is no longer called imperialism. It has a new name, globalism, which is used to justify intervention in the policies of sovereign states and depriving them of their assets and natural resources.

Finkelstein says that of all the organizations founded by the gentiles, churches were the first to be taken over by Jews (Zionists). They started with infiltration into the Catholic Church. Rabbi Finkelstein asks a rhetorical question: Why do you think the popes and cardinals use Kippah, the Jewish (Zionist) religious head cover. He goes on to say that whites never figure this out. No one studies or thinks for themselves. Therefore, gentiles become lifelong underlings and errand boys of the Jews (Zionists).

It is proven that Jews (Zionists) murdered the Russian czar and started the Bolshevik Revolution. The Soviet Union was their social experiment in which they first carried out the idea of communism. Communism is the socio-economic ideology of the Jewish Karl Marx, real name Moses Mordechai Levi, whose goal is a classless and equal social model that is based on common ownership.

Finkelstein says that the lower classes in the Soviet Union were led to believe that communism would lift them out of misery, but from the beginning it was intended to bring the rich to the level of the poor. The Jews (Zionists) collected for themselves the wealth of the people and ruled them. This is what happened in the Soviet Union and it is happening right now under our eyes all over the world.

Finkelstein says the Jews started and supported the women’s liberation movement. Initially, it was about getting women to work so they could be taxed. But the women’s movement (feminism) proved to be an effective way to dismantle families (the basic unit of societies) and, in particular, to get children to school where they could be brainwashed according to Jewish (Zionist) intentions. The women’s movement is the best tool for Jewish (Zionist) divide-and-rule- policy.

Wars are, according to Finkelstein, the most productive activity to make money. In addition, cattle must be thinned from time to time. The Jews (Zionists) call it theater of war, because they find it amusing to see that their greatest enemies, the white race and the Arabs, are destroying each other and they are making a lot of money during the process. Finkelstein says that people have the right to make money wherever they can. If no one is stopping them, and it is not specifically forbidden, it is allowed. In Western democracies, this kind of thinking is increasingly common. Christian ethics and morals, which have previously held societies together, are falling apart.

Wars are one cash machine that guarantees inexhaustible cash flow. We should not forget other pyramid scams, the latest of which is the climate change agenda, which aims to keep people in fear and guide their choices in an increasingly unnatural direction. In addition, all kinds of industry has been invented, such as the holocaust industry, which is based on sheer history distortion. In some places, impartial research into World War II is prohibited by law. It has channeled trillions of dollars of German and American taxpayers’ money to Israel. In the interview, Finkelstein states that what is decisive in holocaust is that Jews (Zionists) have been persecuted throughout the ages, so that they are entitled to compensation, or free money.

The clearest example of Jewish (Zionist) practices is the case of Jeffrey Epstein that has got media coverage recently. The case is presented as if Epstein was an individual pedophile with own network. Epstein is described as a lonely millionaire, whose relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell offered him access to social networks that he himself lacked. Who thinks they were both Jewish (Zionists) and Mossad (Israeli intelligence) agents? The purpose of their pedophile ring was to gather aggravating evidence by which Jews (Zionists) were able to blackmail world politicians into making decisions that were favorable to them. This is directly from “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, which I summarize in the article “A Jewish State?”. This action plan has also been claimed to be fiction, but we see it being implemented around the world.

[toggle title=”The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (concise summary, click to open)”]Goyim (non-Jews) are mentally inferior to Jews and can’t run their nations properly. For their sake and ours, we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it’s for a good cause.
Here’s what needs to be done in order to achieve this:

• Place our agents and helpers everywhere.
• Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans.
• Start fights between different races, classes and religions.
• Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way.
• Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials.
• Appeal to successful peoples egos.
• Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail.
• Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism.
• Abolish all rights and freedoms except the right of force by us.
• Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary.
• Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism.
• Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect.
• Rewrite history for our benefit.
• Create entertaining distractions.
• Corrupt minds with filth and perversion.
• Encourage people to spy on one another.
• Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor.
• Take possession of all true wealth, property and (especially) gold.
• Use gold to manipulate the markets causing depressions etc.[/toggle]

Homo Deus

Yuval Noah Harari paints a picture of the future, replacing humanism with a new religion he calls dataism. In Harari’s imagination, Homo sapiens’ brain function can be described as biological algorithm that can be replaced by information networks that in the future can probably be controlled by ‘god’s chosen people’ according to their own intentions. The man of the future is, in Harari’s imagination, the new, improved, and superior human species, Homo Deus, who is likely to obey his master’s orders.

When I watch Yuval Harari’s speeches and interviews I keep in mind that he is the product of his own society, where the only reality is this illusory world registered by our five senses and brains. His vision of the future is based entirely on the material world as if man were merely a sack of bones and flesh, which the brain directs. However, the human heart is the center of everything and its electromagnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain. The heart has its own brain, which sends more impulses to the brain (head) than head sends impulses to the heart.

In my opinion, the current and future problems of the world are not related to the tools we use to make our work more efficient, but to leadership of humanity. In the animal kingdom leaders of elephant herds, for example, are looking for better grazing grounds, where everyone uses the resources one needs and no more, also the leaders. They are respected. Humanity is guided by totally corrupt practices. Nowadays, the value of leaders seems to be determined by their wealth and how large a gap it creates to the ordinary people, whose problems they are supposed to solve.

God Takes Care Of His Own

When the Jews murdered the Russian czar in 1917, Russia was a deeply Christian country. There were thousands of churches and monasteries throughout the country, and Christianity culminated in the reign of the czar: the czar was considered God’s representative on earth. The Bolsheviks almost completely destroyed this heritage. Churches and monasteries were destroyed, churchmen were killed or taken to concentration camps, and the people were brainwashed for 70 years into atheism. As the Soviet Union collapsed and the Jewish (Zionist) regime fled the country, it left a void behind, because there was nothing to adhere to. However, only about 6% of the population considered themselves to be secular atheists.

President Vladimir Putin, who took office after the collapse of the Soviet Union, filled this void with Christian ethics. He strongly supported Orthodox Christianity, the destroyed state church in Russia. New churches rose like mushrooms in the rain. Putin has said that policy-making requires a common value base that serves as a reference framework for different actors. This is simply common sense. Currently 80% of Russians consider themselves to be Christians, and the number is growing.

I don’t think that the state forces people to become Christians. Christian consciousness is simply the natural state of man and it is not a religious phenomenon. In Christian ethics, people internalize the most important doctrine of our existence: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22: 37-40)

That is why Putin is an eyesore to Jews (Zionists) and their underlings. Sanctions are being imposed on Russia, but these seem to harm more foreign powers than Russia. Russia has succeeded in creating completely new industries by emphasizing self-sufficiency and domestic production. Despite (or due to) sanctions, the Russian economy is growing faster than the economies of Europe’s largest countries. The GDP adjusted for purchasing power in Russia is predicted to become the world’s 5th highest this year, taking place before Germany.

The ethics of Christianity was the foundation of National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler made his goal to eliminate activities that were destructive to the society or to the morality of the people. It was seen as fascism by the ruling elite and was destroyed. China has followed the same principles as Hitler in its politics, that is, it has adopted from the West only practices that have promoted people’s intellectual capital and prosperity. If China had acted differently, I do not think it would have been able to lift its population of over billion people out of misery as quickly as has happened.

Transforming World – Christ Consciousness

The attempts of the Jews (Zionists) to conquer the world will fail as miserably in the West as they did in the Soviet Union. This is because, contrary to what Rabbi Finkelstein says in the interview, the “Goyim-cattle” is not made up of stupid people and cowards. They are opportunists, just like Jewish Zionists, and they want to be on the winning side. Until now, Jews (Zionists) have had the cutting edge. However, I believe that people will find the divine side in themselves simply by listening to their intuitive hearts.

The traditional patriarchal concept of God, according to which God is father above all, separate from us, was born to answer questions that arose in humans a thousand (or thousands of) years ago. To understand the changes taking place in the world today, we need to update our concept of God and other concepts for the new millennium.

One of the most intriguing features of the Secret-movie is that Aladdin’s magic lamp, the latest results in quantum physics, religious beliefs and everyday practices intertwined to portray the intellectual energy field in which we live under the law of attraction. This intellectual energy field is what we call God. In Chinese philosophy, this energy field consists of two opposing, complementary basic forces Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine), in which dualism becomes apparent. All things have both the seed of Yin and Yang. They are constantly striving to balance and become one.

In most parts of the world, Yin and Yang energies have been kept separate. It has created an experience of separation, alienation and exclusion. Spiritual teachers have not spoken much about this. However, a couple of weeks ago I found a video on Youtube, in which Christina Lopes depicts this very clearly.

We think similarly, but we use different terminology. She talks about the second, third and fifth dimensions of consciousness. For me, the second and third dimensions are levels of ego consciousness (awareness). Christina Lopes says that the fifth dimension is Unity Consciousness, which is universal consciousness. I’m talking about Christ consciousness, or consciousness of the universe, which is oneness.

Unity consciousness is not mass consciousness. Christina Lopes speaks in the video 5th Dimension Is Here that our body is made up of 40 trillion cells, all of which are sentient beings. They all have a role to play and are consciously cooperating with each other. Intelligent people should also find channels to consciously cooperate with each other for the common good.

Christina Lopes thinks this is difficult for people because most people are so locked into the second and third dimensions, the ego consciousness level. Until now, God has allowed ego-consciousness to work simultaneously with higher levels of consciousness. There is a reason for this: God has used all means to create a divine connection between people.

However, the vibrational frequency of our planet (Schuman resonance) is changing and this has also spiritual effects. The Higher vibrational frequency no longer supports lower levels of consciousness, but unity and cooperation. People have to adapt to this. It’s like God – the intellectual energy field we live in – wants to shake off the burdensome elements of the world. Christina Lopes compares this cleansing to a dog that shakes itself when rising out of water: after a few vigorous shakes, its coat is dry.

In order to reach the level of Christ consciousness, we need to activate our internal navigator. It means we must break free from brain-centered science-emphasizing intellectual thinking and focus on the intuition of the heart. By listening to intuition, we manage a radar that brings to our consciousness things that five senses cannot detect, and which cannot be perceived merely by intellectual thought.

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