The Fall of Western Man

Mark Collett, an English nationalist political activist, has written a book entitled ‘The Fall of Western Man’. In his book, Mark Collett gets to the root causes of why Western civilisation has degenerated to where it is today and why we are on the road to destruction.

Mark Collett bases his ideas on the Jewish ‘science’ of psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud, who considered himself a ‘godless Jew’ and can be considered (one of) the father of psychoanalysis, despised non-Jews and for some reason wanted to hide the Jewish origin of psychoanalysis. So Freud recruited the respected non-Jewish Carl Jung as a figurehead for psychoanalysis. When the International Psychoanalytical Association was founded in 1910, Jung became its president at Freud’s request.

In Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis, the psyche is divided into three parts: id, the self (ego) and the superego. All of these have an impact on a person’s mental development. In Freud’s (and Mark Collett’s) ideas, what is essential to psychological development is the experiences – conscious or unconscious – that each person goes through in his or her lifetime.

According to this theory, the ego, which has learned from its parents and society high morals and rules that maintain order, develops the mind so that the animal instinctual base (id) does not get the upper hand over the human being. According to the theory, an awakened ego allows a person to develop a highly moral superego, which, according to Mark Collett, is guided by conscience and a vision of the ideal self that people who identify with aspire to. Thanks to the citizens who have a highly developed superego, society also has a collective superego.

According to this theory, organised Western societies have developed because older generations have passed their superego to the next generation. Society has had coherence and people have focused on protecting each other’s well-being, improving society and developing the sciences.

The fall of Western man, according to Mark Collett, is due to the fact that while Western man has been “reaching for the stars”, the people who are fomenting the destruction of the West have deliberately sought to erode the institutions that hold the western societies together, such as the nuclear family, marriage between a man and a woman, that is the fertile sexual ideal and the sense of intergenerational belonging. The traditional values of the Western societies have been superseded and citizens have been led into a culture of hedonism that emphasises individualism.

Traditional organised Western civil societies are now arbitrary dictatorships of loud minorities that blame the white race for everything. People who have contributed to the construction of societies have only the right to silently accept the replacement of their people by immigrants from developing countries, the exploitation of national property, i.e. its transfer to foreigners in the name of different ideologies and agendas, and the rape of the nation and nature.

While reading Mark Collett’s book The Fall of Western Man, I gradually understand why I have never understood Sigmund Freud’s theory of the workings of the human mind. It is simply my vague feeling that my mind is not working as he suggests. However, Mark Collett’s book is a very rewarding read in the sense that it describes very clearly the development of Western culture and societies from a secularist perspective and the forces at work in western societies.

I consider also myself to be a secular person, if the opposite is religious. I have resisted the norms and rules imposed by all those in authority on their subordinates, unless I feel inwardly that they are justified and follow common sense. Jesus was very critical of the Jews, who had nullified God’s laws because of their traditions and secular laws. (Matthew 15:1-9)

Cult-like Communities

When a community (society) is governed by purely secular laws and rules, community life can easily take on cult-like characteristics. Even religions that emphasise their dogmas become cults that have nothing spiritual in them. The Roman Catholic Church, which emphasises the power of the Pope, treats its ecclesiastical laws as if they were divine laws. Western democracies and so-called constitutional states, which have developed on the basis of Christianity, are beginning to operate according to the rules of the strongest groups, which is familiar from developing countries where clans and diverse forces fight for power in endless wars and conflicts.

The Jewish spiritual leader, Rabbi Michael Skobac, defines a cult this way: “Technically speaking, cults are groups that eliminate people’s critical thinking and personal autonomy through psychological pressure and manipulation. There are groups that basically destroy people’s free will and ability to act as independent human beings. They essentially become slaves to the group and its leader.”

This is demonstrated by Jewish intellectuals such as Michael Skobac himself, Rabbi Akiva Tatz and Ben Shapiro, who, despite being capable of analytical thinking, persist in the false historiography and Holocaust myth, even though the facts speak against it. These ‘intellectuals’, who care little for factual evidence, sound to my ears like cheeky besserwissers (wiseguys), like the lobbyists pushing for compulsory Swedish in Finland.

The West, where banks, (social) media, entertainment, science, health care and all aspects of life are in the iron grip of the Jews, is no longer driven by love of neighbour and mutual cooperation, but by the Jewish cultural Marxist ideology, which aims to subjugate non-Jews as slaves and servants of the master race.

The German Genocide

Stanislav Grabski, who was Poland’s Minister for Religious Affairs and Education from 1923 to 1926 and contributed to the treatment of the German minority in Poland after the First World War, said: “We want to base our relationship on love, but there is a different kind of love for compatriots and a different kind of love for strangers.” They saw the Germans as strangers, even though they had lived in their communities on Polish territory for centuries.

Reading the testimonies of eyewitnesses on the wintersonnenwende-website about the persecution and slaughter of Germans in Poland in September 1939, I cannot believe that it all happened in a country that is officially a Roman Catholic country where Christianity prevails. No genuinely Christian person with self-respect or slightest respect for God’s creation could have participated in the atrocities reported by eyewitnesses.

According to eyewitnesses, those involved in the slaughter of the Germans were of the opinion that Germans should be beaten to death, not shot. The death squads carried axes, machetes and other bladed and bludgeoned weapons and the marks they left were consistent: Some of the victims had their brains beaten onto the wall and their faces smashed. One captured German officer had his stomach cut open, his intestines ripped out and a dead dog stuffed inside. Some were skinned, some corpses had their eyes gouged out or the corpses were otherwise disfigured.

So it was not just a genocide in which ‘enemies’ were eliminated in silence by mass graves. The savage slaughter and body-desecration is an indication of blind hatred and insanity that no words can describe. It all happened before the Second World War and the brutality experienced by the German population in Poland was the immediate reason why Adolf Hitler mobilised his troops.

Todays Genocide

In today’s politically correct climate, it is hate speech simply to point out these truths of recent history. The German government (in particular the supervisory board for the censorship of media harmful to young people) has tried to block the publication of official archives on the wintersonnenwende-website. The ordinary citizen wonders what harm can come from publishing the factual truth. Children and young people are also victims of genocide. It is particularly important that children and young people are given factual information so that they do not turn a blind eye to their own destruction.

Roughly hundred years has passed since the First and Second World Wars. We have lived in relatively peaceful societies since the wars. The peace and life of Western man today is usually only disrupted by conflicts of ideals and ideologies. Thus, most people are lulled into a false sense of security and believe that genocide is not possible in modern ‘rule of law’ states. The persecution of white people in South Africa does not concern us. Besides, the white race has, in the minds of many, deserved its fate, as we are guilty of slavery, the Holocaust and many other atrocities documented e.g. by the horror filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock (as part of psychological warfare).

When we have to make decisions between ideologies and opinions, we leave things to the Lord, saying that God will decide between us. It means nothing to us that God created man in His own image and that man has the power to exercise divine power and live according to his inner truth. When we do not actively live according to our inner truth, we leave the way open for those who are more confident using their power. Compared to them, the Western man who promotes the welfare of his people is a laughing stock with his constitutions and international laws. When a Western gullible fool or useful idiot invokes his laws, the more confident and arrogant justify everything with ‘we are god’s chosen’ and Allahu Akbar.

Because a large part of the world believes that without religion and tradition, people have nothing. They think that society cannot even exist without religion and tradition. We know that these religions and traditions can be death cults, which deprive members of the community of all individuality and force them to slavishly follow the rules of the community. We also know that the development of societies has been greatly influenced by individuals who have challenged the prevailing norms, who have gone against the mainstream and cared little for the opinions of others.

The rejection of religion and tradition is not the reason why the West has begun to emphasise individualism. Christianity also emphasises individuality and, in particular, the responsibility of the individual in relation to the community in which he or she lives. The emphasis on individuality is therefore not the reason for the emergence in the West of an uninhibited, hedonistic, folklore-killing culture, with its side effects of divorce, breakdown of nuclear family, low birth rate, the Pride movement spreading the LGBTQ agenda, paedophilia, etc., etc.

The reason for hedonism, anarchism and other green-left trends is simply that some people see them as a good way of life. At worst, people do not even feel the need to grow a backbone that would allow them to consciously pursue higher goals. They think they are being progressive by upsetting the traditional values of the normative citizens. In reality, they are useful idiots whose ignorance is being exploited by those who seek to break up society.

They imagine that they themselves can come to power by dismantling the power structures of organised democracies and the rule of law. But this is a fatal illusion. They are not only destroying the conditions of existence of their so-called enemies, but at the same time they are digging up the ground under their own feet. There is always someone who is more Marxist and who is ready to eliminate you. This also applies to the Jewish oligarchs who now think they rule the world.

The Supreme Art of War by Sun Tzu

Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB propagandist who fled the (Jewish) communist Soviet Union in the 1970s and after a colourful journey ended up to the US, warned Americans more than 40 years ago about the rise of cultural Marxism. At the time, Americans laughed at this defector, who did not see American liberal openness as progress, but as sheer stupidity. They are not laughing anymore, because things have developed exactly as Yuri Bezmenov suggested. Today, we can see the decay of societies all over the world.

The essence of Yuri Bezmenov’s teaching is that in war, a good strategist does not fight at all, but tactically uses the divide-and-conquer principle of subversive action so that the enemy destroys itself. This is based on the teachings of the ancient Chinese general-philosopher-strategist Sun Tzu in The Art of War (孙子兵法). Yuri Bezmenov, who himself was trained as a KGB propagandist (ideology of atheistic, Jewish communism) says that Sun Tzu’s work was part of the basic education in the Soviet Union.

In this war, anything goes. The key is to get the enemy’s attention focused on secondary issues rather than on the things that are relevant in his/her situation and that make them strong. People’s minds all over the world today are focused on fashion, food, romance, sex, sports, interior design, lifestyle, art, etc.

Yuri Bezmenov explains that the communist divide-and-rule policy goes through four stages: First, the enemy is demoralized, then destabilized with the aim of destroying power structures. In total chaos, a revolution is made and a ‘new normal’ is established. This has worked in the French revolution, the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, the Chinese cultural revolution (cancel culture), communist revolutions in South America, etc. Today, Sun Tzu’s teachings are widely used in various sectors of the economy.

The Power of Intention

Factual truth is no longer our defence, even in court, when people are convicted of hate speech. Even if people present statistics based on factual truth to support their arguments, they mean nothing. Only the official truth matters, ideologically correct agendas rule.

The rule of law that not knowing the letter of the law does not prevent you from being convicted under the law gets strange interpretations. Many criminals have received reduced sentences on the grounds that they have (in their own words) ‘accidentally’ caused the death of a person, or ‘accidentally’ raped someone without knowing that this is illegal in Western countries. Even some spiritual teachers propagate the attitude that if you do not deliberately act to harm others, you will not gather bad karma, dark clouds above yourself. However, the consequences of our actions – good and bad – are realised no matter how consciously we act.

A good example of this is the persecution of the Jews that has gone on throughout the ages. Despite the fact that the Jews consider themselves (consciously or unconsciously) to be beings of the highest morality, who believe that non-Jews exist only to serve ‘god’s people’, they themselves have caused people to turn against them.

Divine Revelation and the Redemption Through Jesus

People ask what the meaning of life is. There are noble answers: love …. peace … freedom … health … joy … happiness …
These have become absolute values and aspirations that define our lives and that we think require effort. On the other hand, we can read with confusion the words of Jesus: ”Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)

Over the last couple of years, we have seen ‘social justice’ warriors wreak terrible havoc and chaos in society. Politicians talk passionately about climate change and the human impact on it, without any solid evidence. They call for clean, renewable energies, but on the other hand support in every conceivable way those who prevent the use of the cleanest source energy for energy production. This is a sign of either ignorance or corruption on the part of our decision-makers, or rather both ignorance and corruption.

Covid hysteria, as a result of which our decision-makers have begun to call for the injection of poison jabs into people, or otherwise people risk losing their freedoms (Russian roulette with human lives), has not only turned people against each other. It has made many people realise that life is a matter of life and death. That’s a good thing.

It is written that God promised Noah after the Great Flood that He would never again destroy man because of man’s evil deeds. (Genesis 08:21)
What if God, the divine matrix, which is an intelligent being in itself, is behind the philosophy of strategist Sun Tzu and manipulates godless people to destroy themselves? For it is written that God has made a new covenant between men and Himself. The new covenant is that God put His law inside people, writing it on their hearts (Jeremiah 31:31-33).

The human part in the world is like the relationship of a pot to a potter. The pot cannot ask questions, let alone blame the potter for why you made me this way. It just has to deliver on its mission. In the same way, people need to find their purpose. The best way to fulfil ourselves is to connect with our Creator. God Himself is the Boss in this world. When we are with the chief manager himself, we have nothing to fear. Least of all the little bosses or wannabe-Bosses, who are constantly fighting over, who is the biggest cock on the dunghill.

Regardless of what people think about the Bible (the New Testament) and whether they know the new law, they are under the law. It is not a question of the letter of the Bible, but of people having the Spirit of God in their hearts. The redeeming work of Jesus Christ established the new covenant between God and people. No longer do we have to ask what Jesus is supposed to save us from. It has become obvious: Man needs salvation from the spirit of this world, which is a satanic cult. We will experience true love, peace, freedom and our highest ideals only when we live our inner truth in communion with God.

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