The lack of common sense is an indication, how lost people are in this world and how far they live from their God. It also tells, how little people love themselves and each other. I remember the words of G.K.Chesterton: “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing – they believe in anything.”

The near death experience of Anita Moorjani gives here a clear point of view. I don’t go into details of her experience here, because she tells about everything on her own website. The videos I have linked underneath give also a clear idea of her experience. I am fascinated by Anita’s message.

Anita Moorjani left her body after she had fallen into a coma, and all perceptions connected with her culture and society ceased to effect her consciousness. What was departed from her body was her pure essence that was simply aware of its existence without having to prove anything or be anything else. It was unlimited, universal consciousness and its essence was love and compassion. It had connection to everything and it did not judge anything or no one.

This state of being was completely different than what Anita Moorjani had experienced during her lifetime. Her life was full of love, but her own attitude towards life had prevented her from experiencing her essence, which is universal consciousness that has no boundaries and that can be described as unconditional love.

Borders are good in certain aspect, as they help us to classify things and understand world. However, the tendency to classify things can lead to vicious circle, where our decisions are guided by fear. We do things we don’t like only to please other people, we eat certain kind of food in hope that we do not become ill, and by our actions we try to secure our place in heaven and prove our spirituality.

We think that the physical world is the reality that defines us. We let it rule ourselves, and our lives are evolving within the laws and regulations of our societies. We imagine that our task as spiritual beings is to meet the challenges created by the physical world. But it is quite the opposite: The physical world is reflecting our inner being.

When we skim the layers of our ego consciousness we find the fountain of life in our hearts, and we understand how powerful beings we are. Our bodies and lives begin to reflect our inner being. We do not need to prove that we are spiritual beings. Spirit is our essence.

Our purpose in this world is to free the creativity and power of our inner being. In order to do that, we must love ourselves. If we let external forces lead ourselves and always suppress our own will, our inner power turns against ourselves. It depletes our immune system, which leaves us vulnerable to disease.

At the gates of death Anita Moorjani realized that she herself was gradually killing herself with her attitudes during her lifetime, and eventually found herself in a hospital. Her organs had stopped working, and according to the doctors she had only one or two days left. Nevertheless she decided to return to her body, and she believed that her new consciousness would heal her.

Sad truth is that people do not appreciate they lives until they are losing them. Anita Moorjani got a second chance and she wants to share her story with everyone, so that people do not need to go through the same ordeal as she did.

She says that no one, who really values his/her life, would waste it by doing something, one does not like. First of all we should love ourselves. Before we can love others, we must love ourselves. People are looking for pure love in the world, but in order to find it, they must find it in their own hearts first.

We have to be our true selves. In order to know ourselves we must see deeper into our hearts than the levels of ego consciousness. Our deepest heart is the centre of the fountain of life, which is our connection to the consciousness of the universe.

It is only a thought away. It is a choice between life and death, between fear and love. We must let our ego, the animal spirit die, in order to fulfil our true self and serve God.


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